Environmental Tidbits

There are a few unusual aspects to the World of Sellit.

- In general Sellit is a highly volcanic place In the west, the Kalisles and Palleens both have numerous active volcanoes. In the east, there are fewer active volcanoes but Aerta dominates the landscape and is continuously active.

- All water is freshwater. However, animals that you would expect to live in saltwater have evolved in Sellit to be in freshwater. You can expect whales, sharks, dolphins, fish, etc in the oceans. No difference there. But, you can drink the water. And, you can get more mixing between fresh and saltwater animal types. For example, you could have a shark swimming up a river.

- There is a single large moon that has a rotation synced with the rotation of the planet. The effect is two-fold. There is a single tide cycle every day. High tide is mid-morning. Low tide is mid-afternoon. And, tides are much more extreme. Typically, the ocean will rise or fall 20-30 feet each day. Sailors and ports have adapted. Many boats are designed to be beached on land. They will drop anchor at high tide, wait for low tide, and then simply walk/unload the ship on to dry land.

- The sun rises in the south and sets in the north.

- There is generally only a single season, which in most places is equivalent to our spring. High on the mountaintops do get much colder and snow is common there. There are also a couple of deserts

Environmental Tidbits

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