Session ??? - Max

I’ve lost track of time. But they finally figured out how to put the weapon together. And just in time too. We’ve gotten word that the golem is on the move. And we also luckily know where they are coming from, since it’s really the only way. Not only did they figure out how to get it working, they also figured out how to make it resize bigger. I mean, it resized when I held it, but they were able to create a base that supported it resizing even bigger than I could carry easily. That took a little time but it was all hands on deck, for the grunts at least. but we were all barking orders to get it right and get it done fast. There was no time to waste. With a joined effort, we teleported the weapon and base to where we knew they wuold be coming and we waited. We didn’t have to wait long. Jazz manned the ballista, which was sad. But she had the best chance at hitting the construct than the rest of us. I missed my killing buddy on the field. but our job was to protect bad guys from getting through. And there was a LOT. Just a ton of undead accompanying the golem. but those cowardly bastards the witch, king and the ex-prince, were nowhere to be found. We still had a mission though. I teleported into the thick of things after getting some help from Ivan, and then Ivan, myself and Sethi went to work protecting Jazz and she bombarded this thing with shot after shot, although it seemed like about 1/3 of them were missing. Maybe the base wasn’t as good as we though. And just as it seemed like the battle was about to be won, the unthinkable happened…the base broke! Seriously? On the verge of victory? Luckily, we had taken out the undead and kept them off her back. Alot of area spells by Ivan and Sethi mostly. I took on the ones that made it past them as well as my warcat joining in the fun with Jazz being busy. but after the base broke, I had to dimension door to her. With my increased size and strength, I took up the ballista myself and fired. And just in time too. It was right on top of us but luckily Jazz had done just enough that one more shot was all we needed and it came crashing down.

After it ended, we determined that they must still be holed up in their castle and received some confirmation after some interrogations. Now the big question…do we sneak in and catch them off guard, which I doubt will happen anyway, or just storm the castle? Maybe both? It appears that Ivan and the wizard may be able to reprogram the golem to be on our side. We could use that as a distraction while we sneak in. No concensus on what to do yet but we need to make a decision. And fast.


jkiddy SilentLucidity

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