Session 9 Sethi

So, guess I’m officer material! I knew I’ve been pretty awesome and kept everyone alive, and it’s nice to see that is being recognized. Alas, our musician is not to be so rewarded. Before we could officially become officers, we had to face some trials. The first trial was dicey. We each had to fight without our most effective style. I had to give up my holy symbol and my spells. Luckily I had a wand, so I think that shows resourcefulness, I can still be helpful even when my spells and healing abilities are exhausted! After that we had to sneak into a house and take a chest. This was more in my arena. I may not be the sneakiest of the group on my own, but my Desna is the goddess of the night, so I was able to use that power to make myself invisible. All of us did well on the outside of the house, but decided it would be best if Lang and I went up to the 2nd floor alone. We found the chest behind a locked door. We then went downstairs with a plan. Max would sneak up and grab the chest, then he would use his change places thing with Lang to be outside with the heavy chest in his arms. Went off without a hitch. Last challenge was of ingenuity. We were in a room with 4 doors and orcs kept coming in all the doors at once. While the orcs were not individually a challenge, they were practically endless, so we had to find another way to stop them. Max spotted the first switch on the east facing wall. The switch made the door slowly close. So we split up, and the others found the switches for the north and south doors. I got the broke one in the west. I searched meticulously in the wrong places over and over. I guess I can’t save the day all the time. But as I was waiting for the doors to close, I held up a few orcs. They just couldn’t stop trying to hit me even though it was pointless. Eventually I convinced most of them that it just wasn’t a good idea since the doors were closed. No need to kill even orcs without a reason. So, all of us were made officers, Max and Jazzy were made 2nd lts, while Lang and I made 1st lt. Wonder if that means the musician will try to listen to us…


jkiddy SilentLucidity

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