Session 46 - Sethi

These last few days have been a whirlwind of activity. Finally, our goal was in sight. We had obtained the final components of the ballista and dealt with the demons seeking to retrieve the whip. Our next task was to assemble the artifact.

Knowledge of such weaponry and magic falls outside my usual scope of expertise, and it is probably the same for Jaz and Maxwell. However, none of us could contain our curiosity now that we had the long sought components right in front of us. After many fruitless hours, Ivan had a flash of insight and reversed the orientation of the arch of the bow. Suddenly, its power burst alight!

With the construction of the artifact complete, we simply needed fit it upon a base, then to move it and what remained of the army to the battlefield. It was time to put an end to Skrull’s colossus.

When we arrived, I immediately regretted my decision to forgo a stiff drink beforehand. Arrayed before us was a massive army of Juju zombies accompanying the construct. Jazz set to work manning the ballista but that army would need to be dealt with, else we would be overrun.

Max charged into the fray without a second glance. Though his silhoutte soon vanished amid the throngs of undead, I could follow his progress by the trail of bodies he left. Ivan found himself a suitable vantage point and begain raining fire and brimstone upon the approaching army. The ranks of undead thinned, but not quick enough.

I stepped up beside Ivan and closed my eyes, beseeching Desna for aid. Offensive combat was never my forte, but against the undead – perhaps I could help. As I opened my eyes to focus on the horde, Desna answered. Ivan and myself began to strike in tandem, corraling and slowing the army’s advance even as we destroyed their ranks. I could hear the ballista thundering in the distance.

Sweat began to obscure my vision as the battle dragged on and my repertoire of spells continued to shrink. The rhythmic beat of the ballista paused for a brief moment, then a loud crack echoed across the battlefield. The base had shattered! At that moment, I saw Max teleport up to the ballista and lift it off the base himself. One final shot was all it took to fell the construct.

I turned back to regard what remained of our foes, but there was no army left. Ivan had cleaned up the stragglers and was dusting off his hands. He looked sigificantly better than I felt.
After the battle, Ivan set about studying the construct while Jaz, Max, and I considered our next steps. The immediate threat was over, but the leaders of Skrull continue to hold sway over their capital. Until they are brought to justice, this war cannot end.

Still…I find myself dreading this final battle. Ending zombies and demons is one matter, but actually killing another living soul – my stomach turns at the thought. Perhaps the prince, at least, could be captured and rehabilitated as the king has requested. No parent should have to bury their child…


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