Session 46 - Ivan

AHA!!!! Finally it’s assembled. I was thinking the weapon must have been created like a modern crossbow, but I was wrong. It was a REVERSE crossbow from the old days. Once we assembled it this way, the ancient weapon was finally ready. Also, this was the exact thing I needed in order to finally crack the Gnoll language as well. I was thinking logically when I should have been thinking illogically. The last of the known languages is at my disposal, with the exception of the dead languages Druidic and Drow Sign Language. After this war I will settle down and see if there is a way to resurrect those somehow. Now that the weapon is assembled, we needed to find a way to move it. It wasn’t too difficult. We took a wagon and repurposed it as fast as possible to make it a base so it could travel. The scouts managed to give us the path of the enemies, so we set an ambush.

When we got there, we were in for a rude awakening though. What we did not expect were the sheer numbers of juju zombies in full sprint around the massive constructs feet. If the weapon were to be overrun we would not have stood a chance. It looked like it was solely up to me to keep them at bay. I knew I wouldn’t have been able to handle them all, but I was ready and willing to sacrifice myself in order to protect my team. I’m not really sure how it came to be, but it seemed Sethi nearly heard my thoughts and came up beside me. While I started unleashing some Fireballs and Walls to prevent movement and slow them down, Sethi started unleashing spells I had never seen him use before. This passive healer was now standing toe to toe with me and was taking out just as many of the enemies as I was. If not for him and his new found offensive capabilities, I think we would have been done for.

While Sethi and I were laying waste to the juju horde, Max was busy cutting down anything that got past us, as Jaz took up the mantle of firing the weapon at the giant construct. Jaz had to get in a few practice shots it seems before finally zeroing in on it. She is amazing with a rapier, but a ballista was definitely out of her comfort zone. While the Max and Jaz show continued down below, the Ivan and Sethi hour was just getting good. He kept up with me blow for blow, and just when I thought I was pulling ahead, he unleashed something new. As the battle ensued I released one of my new spells that I was sure would grab some attention. A Lighting Meteor Swarm pelted the ground with outrageous force. I looked over to Sethi with a grin on my face just as he cast a new one as well… and opened the earth to swallow just as many as I had taken out. It was most impressive. We went back and forth, literally. He would cast, then I would cast to make sure we were not targeting the same locations. We were in sync like never before. I have a new found respect for Clerics.

Just as it seemed we were in the lead, I heard a loud CRACK behind us. Afraid that some enemies got through I took my eyes of the battlefield to see the repurposed wagon had broken under the force of the ancient ballista. I had prepared for a horde, so my normal means of assisting in this area were out of reach. I was trying to think of another way when Max came in and saved the day. He picked up the ballista off straight off the base and fired it at the heavily damaged construct. Down the massive hunk of metal went, as the arrow crashed against the armored plating. The behemoth construct was defeated and the juju zombies were retreating. Sethi and I mopped up what was left, but I could tell he was nearly out of power, while I had barely used half of my reserves. I guess that is the difference between his training and mine. I had him take a break and see to it that the others were ok while I pelted the last of them with a few more Lightning Spheres.

We had won this battle, but the fight was not over. Honestly, I think this construct was taken down way to easily. Why make it so blunt? Why make it so easy to track? Built out in the open, for anyone scouting in the hills above to see. We obviously knew it was coming… and hordes of juju zombies tearing things apart and making a ton of racket? A blatant disregard for any attempt to hide this almost makes me think… Wait, who’s guarding the King?


jkiddy DustinLappert

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