Session 44 - Sethi

We continued down the long, straight, boring tunnel into the heart of Aerta. Eventually Lang noticed something ever so slightly different ahead of us. None of the rest of us noticed at first but upon further inspection, the next step led us through a portal, but to where. Seeing no real other choice and knowing that the whip we needed was somewhere up ahead we went through. What was on the other side was too much to behold. In fact, it took all of us by surprise and awe. We could do nothing but stare at the scene in front of us. Or I should say all around us . We were standing on what appeared to be an invisible floor. We could see straight down below, hundreds of miles perhaps to what we later figured was the plane of Abaddon. Home of the Daemons. Fire and brimstone. Death and destruction. All of those things you hear about in the tales. And coming up from those depths were hordes upon hordes of daemons. But on the other hand, above us was pure heaven. Literally. Pure bliss. And flying down was hordes of angels apparently ready to do battle against the evil hordes. We watched as the battle played out. None of us able to avert our gaze or look away. The battle was not going well though for the angels. The battlefield was being dominated by a single powerful daemon who placed himself atop a pile of dead bodies, rising 30 feet in the air. He wielded our whip. And with it he lashed out, often for hundreds of feet away striking a single target. But that target was then pounced upon by the daemons until it quickly met its fate. Seconds later a new victim was chosen. This daemon was protected by a ring of monstrous beasts preventing the angels from getting too close. It was clear we would need to stop him and recover our whip.

Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity a stray fireball came too close and blew up beside us. The damage was not too bad and it snapped most of us from our fascination. Luckily we had been ignored for this whole time, and we had time to prepare ourselves for battle. The plan was simple. I would teleport all of us in side the head daemon’s ring of thugs. The gang would beat the crap out of him and we would get out of dodge. It didn’t quite to that way of course. Climbing the mountain of bodies was harder than it seemed. And his brutes hit like a ton of bricks. Jaz came up with a new plan all of a sudden. She disarmed him, bringing the whip within our reach. But before she could get it he knocked her off the pile and stood over his prize. Leave it to Ivan to pull out one more new trick. He used Telekinesis on the whip, and managed to maneuver it just out of the daemon’s grasp. We had our prize. It would have been nice to turn the tide of this eternal war between good and evil. We could have helped good reclaim this demiplane. Maybe we did by getting the whip out of there. Regardless, our mission was to capture the whip and save Kaliz. This battle will have to wait for another day. I grab everyone’s hands and we teleport back to the portal. Stepping through, we teleport one more time to Kaliz.

I sure hope the Daemon’s don’t try to follow us….


jkiddy jkiddy

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