Session 31 - Max

Well, after dispatching the ants, we took stock of where we were with spells and such. Sethi said he was good t push on. Ivan would have liked to rest but had enough spells left if we really needed. And apparently, we really needed. Because not long after that, we heard some rumbling and some chittering of what sounded like more ants. Not a big deal. We took these ones out pretty easily. Nope, I was wrong. Big deal. and I emphasize BIG. These ants were huge. Literally. Ivan threw up a wall of force to funnel them into 1 area then cast some sort of other spell that made it difficult for them to move through the space. Like a tar pit trap or something. Between that, Lang blindly shooting things, and more fireballs/electric balls from Ivan, we were able to take them out. The ones that crawled over their own buddies to get past the tar pit ended up in perfect position for me and Jazz to do our thing. And apparently Driel showed up with her wolf because they came charging in. Not sure where she came from although I won’t complain about the extra firepower. Without taking too much damage we took them out and proceeded on to try and find the spider. We eventually reached the edge of a huge cavern but we were too high up in the edge for me to be able to see the bottom with my darkvision. So, Ivan and I went invisible and flew around trying to get a lay of the land. We saw the queen and a whole boatload more ants and some of the huge warrior ants. We also saw some spiderwebs in the southeast corner as well as some ants taking some food up to the spiderwebs. I’m guessing the ants are giving an offering to the spider to leave them alone, which is odd for the natural world. But on our flyabout, apparently some sort of fast flying ants caught our trail or something because as we headed back to the team, they came right in fast as lightning. It was like they were dancing around us, hitting one person then flittering over to fully attack someone else. But eventually, we timed our attacks appropriately and got some key hits in to finally take them down. they may have been quick, but they weren’t that strong or powerful. Like, the rogues of the ant world. Anyway, after this, we definitely knew it was time to take a break and rest for the day. Sethi teleported us out to the side of the mountain where we stayed before while waiting for the oracle. At least we didn’t have to worry about not getting sleep. One the morning came, Sethi teleported us back to the edge of the cavern. Between Ivan and Sethi, we were able to get everyone to be able to fly so we could investigate the spider webs and see if we could find this spider. And find it we did. It was a monster of a beast. Luckily, the webs weren’t sticky webbing so we could walk on it ok. The webs did funnel don to where the spider was so we had to be careful. While the spider came out some, it took some coaxing to get it out far enough for us to be able to get at it and for Jazz and I to do our thing. Unfortunately, Jazz took the brunt of the damage form the spider because I could’t get up there fast enough. Ivan cast a spell on me for displacement which turned out to be quite beneficial. There were more than a few times that I thought the spider might’ve gotten me but instead hit a spot where it only thought I was. While Jazz sought medical attention from Sethi, Driel and I worke don the spider, whittling it down. Eventually, Jazz was able to re-engage and together, with Lang and Ivan and Sethi we all took down the spider. We harvested the silk for the flag that the oracle needed as well as the fangs, although I think I may have chipped one of them trying to get them out. I think I was trying a little too hard or it was just being stubborn. I’ve never really had to pull out spider fangs before. I’ve read about it but I don’t think the book covered gargantuan spider fangs and proper removal. We found a few trinkets and stuff and now it’s back to the oracle with the stuff she wanted……or do we stay and clear out the ants….hmmmm…..decisions decisions decisions…..


jkiddy SilentLucidity

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