Session 30 - Max

So, we finally returned to Mesoth City and were requested to give a report to the King, his advisors and his children. But with the traitor still in our midst, we didn’t feel it best to report EVERYTHING that happened so we left out the Skrull attack at first. Eventually though, the king seemed to sense we were holding back so we relented to see if anyone tipped their hand and seemed either surprised or upset that we returned but unfortunately these court people really know how to play their cards tight to their chest. Nobody seemed to give anything away, if there was anything to give. My thought was that the youngest one might want the throne for himself to prove he isn’t a kid any more but nothing showed on his face to betray his feelings or emotions. After our report, Jazz and I were promoted to Majors. Hopefully they won’t split us up to have our own platoons or whatever. I think I like it right where I am. We were given information that the next piece of the contraption was in the Forboden Lands, possibly under the control of some warlord named Khor who roams the countryside. Before we left for there though, I decided to do a little shopping since I have no idea what to expect over there. Apparently, my choice to shop before leaving was a bad idea. With Sethi’s new spells, we were able to teleport directly to one of their big port cities that is known well enough. What I didn’t know though was that gold is worth much more over here. I didn’t find that out until we went to the local tavern to get some food and drink and find some information on this Khor guy. We did find out that there is some oracle a day or so away that might be able to tell us something of where to find him so we headed out to seek out this oracle since we have NO idea the first place to look in this foreign continent. On our way though, we were attacked by a rogue. We defeated him but then we realized that maybe he was working for someone. Why would someone attack us all the way over here as newcomers. So Sethi used a spell to speak with the dead. We tried to get some answers but all we really got was that he was sent by Skrull. Great.

We headed out after we were unable to get any real details and headed out to find this oracle. Along the way we met a traveling merchant who had some pretty nice wares on the cheap. AND he was a nice guy. Very different than what I’m used to over in our war-torn neck of the woods. But since I had spent my money before coming, I didn’t quite have enough cash to get anything but Sethi generously lent me a loan so I could get a cool shirt that allows freedom of movement. After the whole debacle underwater and getting grabbed and swallowed, I"m not really keen on allowing that to happen again. Eventually, we bid George the Merchant adieu in hopes of seeing him again after we acquired some more money. We made it to the mount that the oracle is supposed to be on and we met some people on the way up. Some guy came down saying that she had given him information on who his father was so he could start looking for him. We also met a nice couple who were waiting their turn as well. The lady wanted to find her mother. They seemed like a bunch of nice people so we hung out with them, shared some food and games and some stories. We also found out that the oracle also requires a tribute. Never something exorbitant but odds and ends trinkets or magic items or even just really good food. So, we decided to try and make some food since that’s something Jazz has always been pretty good at. I found a variety of meats and stuff but her first 2 attempts didn’t turn out so well. the 3rd attempt was by far the best one so we went with that. I probably didn’t find the best meats for the first 2 meals because normally she’s much better at doing this chef thing. After the nice couple’s turn, it was our turn. We let her know why we were there(shouldn’t she have technically already known that though?) and as tribute, Jazz offered her the food. I think the oracle liked it. She even said she did. But she wanted more so Jazz offered up her neat parasol. Unfortunately, she couldn’t directly give us what we needed, which was a location on Khor. She said she could give us something that could track him down though but we needed some sort of spider webbing for her to make whatever it was she needed to make. Spider webbing? eww…..I hate spiders, but if we want to get this quarterstaff I guess it has to be done. She also requested the spider fangs, which is also gross but since I have the knowledge on how to remove them I guess it’ll be up to me. Granted we can even kill the spider and get the webbing to begin with. Well, we headed over to where the oracle said the spider was supposed to be keeping up residence and we headed in. We did see a LOT of insect tracks so we must be in the right place. We headed in only to be confronted by some ants. some really big friggin ants and they just kept coming. Ivan did his thing with fireballing them and stuff and the rest of us did our thing to eventually whittle them down. Luckily it didn’t exhaust us too much although Ivan did need some healing for some poison that he got exposed to. But that was an easy fix for Sethi luckily. Now on to find this damn spider….


jkiddy SilentLucidity

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