Session 30 - Ivan

After coming back to the castle, we found ourselves being debriefed in a room with everyone attending that knew about our mission in the first place. Any one of these people could be the traitor. We all decide to keep quiet about the attack on us until we received more information regarding the debriefing to see if anyone found it odd that the ones paid to attack us didn’t show up. Unfortunately we didn’t notice anyone obviously nervous except for Rocco. I doubt he would be a stool pigeon. I doubt he is smart enough to betray us and keep it hidden for so long.

I received a promotion to Captain, something I had long awaited for. I cannot wait to send word to my mother and father. However, with good news also comes bad news. There is another nova orb that could be used to power Skrulls secret weapon… and it’s missing. The only ones that knew about it were in this room, and the king is not taking any chances. He locked everyone in the room and gave us our next assignment.

Sethi was able to teleport us over to the Foreboden Lands where we would find a Marauder with a piece of the artifact he is apparently using as a quarterstaff. I’m glad we teleported, because being on ships for so long has been getting old. Once we got to the port in the Foreboden Lands, we gathered as much information as possible regarding this bandit that was terrorizing the villages around the area. He was a marauder wielding some kind of powerful staff, so we knew that must have been him.

While around here we found the prices to be lower than other areas, so I was able to find some sleeves of many garments for well under the price they were in other areas. After this we set out to find an oracle that could lead us to the bandit we were looking for. Along the way we met a strange merchant named George. He had some interesting items for sale and each of us bought something that was useful to us. Outside of that we chatted about the oracle and what she would require to help us. We managed to get the information we were seeking and headed on out to the location we were looking for.

Outside of the oracles residence we met a couple and chatted with them as well. They were searching for someone, but I was too distracted to remember what. I was still trying to figure out how someone could have transported that Nova Orb out of the cavern the king said it was in. There must have been someone who saw something. I am really interested in how they could do that, and I think I finally have a line on someone who could help. I have been hearing of this mercenary for hire named Ryu. No one knows what he looks like, but he is somehow able to infiltrate and gather information like no one else has ever seen. If I can track him down, he may be able to use these skills to our advantage.

Once we met the Oracle, the news was not what we wanted. She told us that she can make a flag that will be able to help us. Unfortunately, we need to fetch some items for her that she needs to be able to make this flag. Apparently we need some silk spun from a specific spider and its fangs as well. So Sethi teleported us to the mountains where these things live, and we set off inside the cave system to find this spider. Only steps in and we encounter some odd ants that didn’t like us trespassing on their territory. They were not much trouble though, but this terrain will be slightly difficult if we come across anything that forces us to be really mobile.


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