Session 2 Sethi

Those borderlanders turned out to be right pricks. We had tried to just knock them out, but later we found out they massacred another group. We did what we could to honor their memory, and Max tried to get identifying stuff from them for their families. So, we start to head back to our ship when we noticed a cave just a little up the mountain. Knowing that it’s just not possible to leave a cave unexplored, we went in. It seemed pretty empty and boring at first, but then this rock man came out and tried to eat us. I tried to reason with it, but I guess it had lost it’s little mind when swimming in the rocks, and it said that humans are a delicacy. I can’t really debate that, not having eaten human, so I could only appeal that we would taste bad as we had been seasoned improperly. That didn’t work so the little bugger attacked. Unfortunately, metal seemed to not have any appreciable effect on it, so Max had to keep it’s attention while the rest of us took shots at it. We knocked it out and proceeded on, no need to kill it for having poor dietary choices…. Anyway, as we were leaving, the volcano started to rumble, and we were afraid that the stone bugger’s mother was on her way, but it turned out that it was just the volcano dripping lava as one side of the caldera collapsed. We worked our way around the volcano to the other side when that portion of the caldera collapsed too. Wisely choosing not to run across the lava (well, most of us thought that wise. our budding musician seemed to entertain the thought for a moment…). Down through the forest we marched, paralleling the lava stream. On the way we found a plant that attacked us, and I wondered at the foolishness of a plant wanting to eat us. Seriously, does nothing here have any concern for a healthy appropriate meal? Once we put it down I took at bite out of it for good measure (I eat salad, Salad does not eat me!). Soon enough we came to the beach and decided to swim out into the sea and around the lava stream. I’ve never paid much attention to swimming, but it turns out I’m good at it! As I was contemplating my newfound mastery, the others struggled ashore hungry. Speaking of dinner, some large crabs came out of the water after us. Dinner coming to me is a rare treat, so we subdued them and had some tasty crab meat! Once we maneuvered inland the dratted fuzzywuzzle appeared and intimated that the other team was likely to get to their boat with their totem before us if we didn’t intervene. Some of the others wanted to run for our boat, but feeling confident that a new skill would show itself if we were bold, I argued that we should ambush them. So, we set up an ambush, and somehow forgot to hide…. Well, with some luck and ingenuity, we prevailed (Max got a little carried away and cleaved a warrior in twain… He gets that way sometimes, really seriously focused on other people). That let us have a more leisurely stroll to our boat after resting.


jkiddy JoeySheffield

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