Session 2 - Max

you know, I used to like caves. But I’m not thinking so any more. Especially when you can’t even hit whatever the hell that was that attacked us. Nothing metal does damage? seriously? I felt I got a damn good hit on it, until my sword went right through. I tried to at least draw some attention while the others handled it. At least know I have a longbow for next time..if there IS a next time, which I hope there is not. then more bad news…an erupting volcano? really? My day was already bad at not being able to defeat a rock monster and now lava in both directions? That’s fine, either one end at the water so we can just swim around it. Or, at least I thought so. Apparently swimming is not my forte either…the cleric beat me to the other side of the beach. Hell, almost everyone did except the rogue. I almost had to save him, only I had to save myself first. But, not all bad news…Fuzzywuzzle told us about the other team heading to their boat along the beach. Democracy at its best…majority vote was to stop the other team and not risk some sort of tie and yet another possible trial. And I really thought we had the upper hand….until the bear..a bear! a friggin bear! who carries a bear around with them? apparently druids do. but, I still thought we had a good jump on them, with an invisible rogue taking out any caster they might have…if he could actually do damage. But as usual, the fight progressed and then I saw it…shining in one of their hands….a longsword…and yeah, it was actually shining…I wanted it so bad. He probably didn’t deserve it anyway. Probably took it off of one of those other fellows they killed. But it would be mine….I finally made my way over to him and landed a fatal blow, snatching the longsword out of the air! I wasn’t letting it go anywhere, using it to assist with dispatching the rest of their group. The day is one and spoils of semi-war go to us this round..now, to get back to the ship and sail off and collect our prize…the next special ops team…


jkiddy SilentLucidity

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