Session 19 - Sethi

Ah rest and relaxation, I’ve earned you! I spent the month off carousing in the city (but don’t tell the musician that!). I just needed to blow off some steam after so long on duty. I sometimes think about our rogue friend fondly and wonder what he’s up to. Not that I’m looking to settle down myself, because a priest of the goddess of travels just wouldn’t do that until absolutely necessary, but I wonder if I’m entirely cut out for military life. lol, my commander in private said that’s something of what makes a good officer and then promoted me to Major.

Well, the end of my relaxation came all too soon, and we were called back into action. This time to carry the princess to Lainan to negotiate a truce with Magira so both of us could focus on Skrull. The princess is a thoughtful and considerate woman, and travelling with her is easy. She is able to rough it when necessary, but also is familiar with the high social graces. Our musician friend has decided to court her, and I think he has been missing the eye rolls from the princess, and the angry looks from his former paramour Driel.

Two days out on the boat we were sleeping when a loud crack came from the back of the ship. We were being attacked by a dragon turtle. We really couldn’t do much to harm the creature since it would submerge whenever we attacked. Also, it turned out that it just wanted to eat the horses that we brought. Well, it got all but one of the seven horses, and we were forced to limp to shore.

We had landed in the Haunted Forest. The trees were thick and the perfume of growth was in the air. Soon, we were faced with some Treants. They said that unless we passed their challenges, we wouldn’t be allowed to leave the forest. We first had a choice of fighting dinosaurs, bears or a spider. Well, I have to admit that my judgement was influenced by my enthusiasm and I quickly voted for the dinosaurs. Turns out that was a common thread and we chose the large creatures. One dinosaur went down reasonably quickly even though it did eat Maxwell (don’t worry, he un-ate himself with ease). The next then came towards me, Edward and the Princess. I quickly invisibled and beat a hasty retreat. Edward, the musician, decided to face it alone, and was fortunate to not be torn apart. The others then arrived to kill the beast, with Driel being nearly eaten by it before it went down.

We weren’t done then. Apparently killing a dinosaur isn’t impressive enough to the Treants, so they made a maze out of the trees and we had to find out way out. I made sure that we used strategy (following the right wall), so we could get out reasonably easily, if not quickly. On the way out we were confronted by a mammoth and some eagles. They looked fierce, but turns out they were just a distraction to maybe make us fall for a trip wire.

Then we find out the real test is to destroy an evil ghost druid who is haunting the woods and lay him to rest. I should have taken more time to think about ghosts, but just prepared my regular spell list. I was just distracted that morning. I was thinking about a waterfall I heard was upriver from here and was wondering if we’d have time to see it. I’ve heard that if you come to it just at dawn there is a Nyad who will grant a wish for the pious. Maybe it’s hogwash, but I felt the pull of the river and didn’t give much thought to facing a ghost.

Well, we then went to the haunted area, and saw the remains of a hut. The musician sent in some Mad Monkeys (his favorite weird spell) to maybe draw out the ghost. However, the ghost was too smart for that. We cautiously approached forward, but the ghost got the drop on us. It droppsed a bunch of swarms on us and flew into the air. Malakai made it so Jazzy and Maxwell could fly so they took on the druid. I did one fizzled spell on the druid before throwing a Flame Strike at the swarms. Malakai threw some fireballs at them and they finally disperesed. I made it so Driel could fly. Between the three fighters surrounding him, the ghost went down. However, we were most of us affected either by swarm poison or the druid’s intelligence draining touch, so I had my healing cut out for me.

Now we just have to make it to our rendezvous in 3 days while being pretty far away. I hope this phantom steed wand we found helps!


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