Session 15 Sethi

Once back in the kingdom, we had maybe a day to rest an recuperate. During that time Lang left us to go be with his family. I’ll miss the little guy, but it was clear that he wanted to go home. Jazz and Max were promoted to 1st lt., and Cat to 2nd lt. Then we were given the details of our new mission. We were to go to a dragon cave and get the hoard before the neighboring dwarves get there. Presumably the dragon as gone missing and now the hoard is free for the taking, but I no it won’t be that easy. Given that there will be some intense weather there, we buy protection from cold weather and some mountain gear. Jazzy led us in that endeavor and was the one who really got us prepared. We also made sure to get a wand of healing to help out with my spell coverage. Oh, and the musician was nowhere to be found during this planning. Honestly, we thought he’d gone AWOL. So, the king sent one of his guards, a magus named Malakai, with us.

Off we went to the mountain, and on the way, our musician caught up with us. I think he was out drinking, but he showed up in the end. Once on the trail, we were accosted by some moth-like creatures with stinging tails. One bit me and threw me off the trail, but the musician used feather fall so it wouldn’t hurt. That pretty much knocked me out of the fight. I didn’t return to them until they were done. The little I could see was using grappling hooks to bring the buggers closer to hit. We then noticed the creatures lair, and secured a weapon that would be great for a warrior cleric. We’ll sell it when we get back to town.

Then we have to ascend onto a glacier. I’ve never been to one before, so I was surprised by how many rocks there were ahead of it. It was a pretty awe inspiring sight to see that debris field in front of a wall of ice. Well, we follow the path and run into a series of crevasses. Malakai and I just use Fly, but he has to help the others over. In the middle of one of the moves, we are attacked by Frogs… They were bitterly cold and swallowed the musician. If I hadn’t been flying I think it would have been a much harder fight for me, but I mostly did healing to keep the guys up. After that we get over the last crevasse.


jkiddy JoeySheffield

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