Session 15 - Malakai

Another quest from the king, and a new team as well. I do hope they last a bit longer than the previous one. Looks like a Dragon is missing and we are going into the keep to find out why. I’m not sure if my training so far will prepare me for a dragon, or something able to subdue, or even kill one. Oh well, the king commands it, and the group seems ready and able. A lot more experienced than the last group anyway.

Traveling to the mountain was uneventful. Once there however, some interesting enemies showed up. I figured this would be great practice for my new form. I use the gargoyle piece and transform into one again. Feeling the weight of my new form and the wings come out of me, I fly high into the air to get a better look. Only two of them. Good for testing, but lets not use everything. Take it slow and make sure not to fall. Flying is not new to me, but using wings to do it feels different. Somewhat better in fact. It comes much more naturally. The others seem to have an issue reaching them from the small ledge they are on. I cant blame them. These larger creatures have the advantage. Still though, they were outnumbered and we whittled them down. Somewhere in the fight, Sethi the Cleric gets grabbed. He is released when I engage the enemy, but he falls down a bit and has to make his way up again. My scimitar slices through them and some arrows finish off the last one.

Once we were clear, Jazlin notices a small hole up the mountain. I have some flight left, so I take a look. There is a cave, some ooze on the walls and floor, and something else. I focus my magic detection and see an item. It seems I can see perfectly in the dark with this form. This may come in handy. I fly back down and work quickly to secure some rope to the mouth of the cave. Although the group seems to worry about the possible enemies that could be lurking in, I see nothing and decide to slide on in. The ooze makes that easy. They seem to have some sort of Magical Mace in here. We take it with us and exit the cave. I was hoping to find more enemies, but the spell is wearing off anyway. No sooner do I get back to the ground that my form disappears and I am wingless again. I refocus some of my energy back into my spell book to prepare the spell again, and tuck away my gargoyle piece once more.

Continuing up the mountain, the temperature drops dramatically. The ground goes from rocky mountain to ice and it is not easy to traverse. Still, we need to continue moving. Continuing up the mountain, we come across some ravines in the ice. It seems to go down very far, and the seemingly large crack is too long to go around. I cast my spell Fly on myself and assist people across. A second ravine comes up and we start moving the team across again, when something is spotted heading our way. No sooner do we get over to the other side of this second ravine, these frost like frogs are upon us. They don’t seem to be very stable on this terrain, which makes me wonder why they are here in the first place. They are pretty large though, and there are a lot of them. I think its time to go full power on this one. They are not approaching very fast so I have some time to prepare. I am able to buff up and transform, as well as put up my arcane shield. These frog like things seem to make it much colder here, but it doesn’t slow me down. With Edwards song and Sethi’s prayer, these enemies stand no chance. My scimitar slashes through them easily, but the rest of the team seem to be struggling with the terrain. I can fly so I have no trouble moving around, but Edward gets swallowed and Driel seems to be taking a lot of damage. Still, I cant worry too much about them. If I don’t start taking some of them out, the ones I leave alone will go toward someone else. My shield protects me rather well and these things cannot seem to hit me at all. This gargoyle form is working out nicely. Edward however, seems to have some trouble and ends up getting eaten by one of these things. Its a good thing these beasts do not chew their food. I am able to get over there and sap some of its health away, but I can hear him say he is okay and can handle this. I look around the field and notice how hard these mercenaries are fighting. My blood boils, my excitement flourishes, and sparks fly from my finger tips. I look at the one creature I left behind and fly right in his face again. He’s prepared and attacks right as I come at him… and misses. I smile as I grasp my sword with both hands, feeling electricity course along the blade, writhing with power and surging with a lust for blood. I bring the sword down on him as hard as I can, and with a flash of light and a rippling screech, it tears through the flesh of the beast. The rest don’t seem to put up much of a fight and are taken down one by one.

From my vantage point I noticed another ravine we must cross, and use the last of my strength to traverse them safely. After crossing, its determined we need rest and I couldn’t agree more. We set up camp in a safe area and prepare for the cold night.


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