session 14 Sethi

So, there we were, in the camp. There was a local cleric who helped to heal off the poison damage to the party, but I did still have to use a decent amount of spells to get us back up to normal. I also volunteered to help a bit in the healing tent. Other than that we were pretty restricted to where we could go, which was definitely a worrying sign.

Anyway, the next day we were invited into the tent to look over maps. It was kind of odd there so we ended up moving outside to look them over. Well, turns out that the guy in charge was hiding and reading our thoughts while in the tent. Well, he bursts out of hiding and accosts us. We tried to reason with him, but it quickly became obvious that we had to fight. He was a slippery bastard, so that Max and Jazzy had trouble flanking him. Eventually he dominated Cat into attacking us. She then hit me so hard I went down. I’m not sure how they finished the guy, but I eventually woke up from a healing potion. I then took a minute to do some healing before we were attacked by Noleg and the cleric. The cleric turned out to be evil but was wearing a fake holy symbol. The cleric confused Max and Cat, but other than that it wasn’t too big of a deal to put down him and Noleg. After that, it turned out that most of the camp was being controlled and they all turned on the few people who were devotees.

Anyway, the lord of the island was happy and agreed to enter the war on the side of Kaliz. We then were feted at home and now are ready for our next assignment.


jkiddy JoeySheffield

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