Session 14 - Max

We finally made it into the camp. And some of the guys are none the worse for wear. Still suffering from the strength drain of that huge spider. We finally get everyone back up to strength while the head honcho and Noleg go to the front lines to do whatever they planned on doing up there. In the meantime, the resistance tactician is going over the tactical plans with us so we know what role we will be needed for. Not that it got that far because something in the room really made me feel uncomfortable. Maybe it was the incense. Not sure but either way, we left the room with the maps to check them out in the open, fresh air. So we’re looking over the maps when I feel an invasion of privacy in my brain. I look around to see where it’s coming from and it’s coming from inside the house/hall thing and standing there, wriggling his little fingers in my direction is the head honcho guy! Time for pretend is over. Nobody tries to invade my brain without my permission. So I head off to go beat his ass with Jazzy close behind. we take up our usual positions around him but I’ll be damned if he didn’t keep squirming around every time we missed hitting him! I mean, seriously? WTF? and the good cleric outside is starting to cast spells at us too? it this reverse world? but upon further inspection, he wasn’t as good as I thought he was. hiding behind a good deity’s marks. We eventually whittle down the main guy…JUST in time for Noleg to show back up. which, honestly, I was real happy about. Being that he had no issue killing innocent people, his brand of evil needed to be killed in action. and we were more than happy to oblige. Although when we came outside, I was expecting to have to deal with a bunch of peon soldiers but they were all fighting each other. No idea what was going on, but I’ll take it. SO after taking out Noleg, that stupid cleric must’ve done something to me because I can remember attacking my own team member Driel a time or two and at one time, just standing there like a bump on a log. Eventually, the day is won and now we have an ally on an isolationist colony who is hopefully not looking to be so isolationist any more after helping quell a rebellion for them.


jkiddy SilentLucidity

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