Session 13-Jazzy

It was one thing when Kat was flying and kinda saved our butts from the lake monsters trying to eat us. Entirely another when some stupid jelly fish erupts from the ocean near the cliffs and casts it on me. One of the other party members told me that apparently that wasn’t fly, but levitate. Whatever it was, it was some miraculous measure that the bard cast something on me that didn’t shatter my bones into a million pieces when it wore off. I was floating at least 40 feet in the air, and falling that far was not going to be fun. I don’t like being bested by calamari. I was completely ineffective. Less than ineffective actually as like a total dope I dropped my rapier. Next change a get I’m getting a weapon leash for that thing. It was humiliating.
Even worse however, some huge… I mean huge spider decided to try to eat us in the forest. My darling dear took care of it, and good thing because once again, venom rendered me useless once again as I stood there unable to move. At least it wasn’t as bad, but I am tired of not being able to lead the way in decapitations.
I can see Gnoleg is not gaining any party favor, but seriously the man in brain washed. I mean, we are the ones military trained and supposed to be more prone to obey marching orders, but this guy… acts as if he’s under a charm or something. So relentless for whatever “cause” this is that he can’t even explain… and more than willing to give up his own life, it makes no sense. Especially since the ships off the coast are ships from the mountain rage of where our people are at war… why would they be interested in this little island…. I have a feeling they are actually behind the “rebellion” that none of the indigenous people seem to want.
Meanwhile we are supposed to infiltrate the rebels, but I feel like we have enough information to just squash them, and this time in the name of our own king.


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