Session 19 - Malakai

During my month of solitary reading and studying, I found a small Greensting Scorpion that was becoming a nuisance. I would move around and he would follow me, trying to sting me. I rather enjoyed the challenge of finding him before he got close enough to inject me with his poison, but eventually it got old. Still, its eyes gleemed with a sort of intelligence that I had not seen before, so I began researching on how Wizards end up with Familiars. I figured this tiny insect was a decent place to start.

During my research I continued to lose small items out of my bag. A quill here, some ink there. At one point, my backup Spellbook went missing, which is when I started to become concerned. I activated my cantrip “Detect Magic” and found that a bunch of little items were being stashed in a corner of the library. When asking the others about it, they simply laughed and told me a story about how things go missing like that all the time around here. They also told me that it was nothing compared to the weekends. I got curious so I figured I would find out what is going on.

Sure enough, the weekend proved rather interesting. I walked through the door of the library only to have some chalk fall on my head. A slight giggling could be heard but from where, I could not tell. Continuing to trip over small little traps and finding myself in some interesting situations, the giggling turned into sheer laughing. What was unbeknownst to the trickster, is that he did not know is that the one being pranked was not me. I finally cracked how that old Construct Wizard’s notes and was able to perform that spell that cloned him. A rather ingenious version of Vomit Twin, but without the vomit and the sore esophagus. I watched from the rafters and homed in on this tiny guy peeking over a bookshelf. A nice little glowing rune was slapped on his back when I caught him off guard and watched as he flew around the room. Apparently he had never been caught before. Everyone in the library that was being pranked other than me watched as the “twin” smiled and then disappeared right before the little arcane marked streak of black disappeared into his hiding hole. I chose not to pursue him. He’s had enough for one day.

No sooner had I sat down that I realized the little scorpion was on my heels again. Good thing to, as I was just about to use him as practice for the Familiar. He sat there and waited for me to prepare the rites to make him a familiar. It seemed that he rather wanted this as well. No sooner had I finished the rites and watched as the arcane energy flew from me to him, this tiny black butterfly-like dragon swooped in and had himself a snack.

In an instant, the arcane energy filled the dragon at the same time as the scorpion. Others around me that were witness to this were stunned. They had never seen this little dragon before, and then to not only swoop in during a spell in front of everyone, but attune to the familiar arcane magic as well. Even the Wizard standing before me had a scowl on his face. I had to cheer him up with some nice ale before he would tell me that not only did I succeed in the ritual, but at the same time was accepted by a higher form of familiar that normally takes Wizards much longer to accomplish.

As you can probably tell, the tiny creature I got the drop on was none other than this Faerie Dragon. Not only that, but he was intelligent before the spell, so now his intelligence only grows more and more. He went on to inform me that no one had ever gotten the drop on him before, and that my training in the special forces had made me more than a mere Wizard, which was what he was looking for in a partner. His name is Nasusazindrakorian but prefers Nasus, and he likes books, but he by no means enjoys the inside of a building at all times of the day. We now do everything together, including pranks on the frequent library attendees. He even helped me add some additional magic to Maxwell’s swords.

Our month is now over and another mission begins. Nasus is very excited about where we will be going. He has already seen much of the world itself, but being from a much larger herd of dragons, he was by no means allowed near other races. Once he broke off from the herd though, he found himself in that library. Since then he has been there playing pranks and gathering little trinkets. Like any other mission, our first step was the debriefing. I had to settle Nasus down a bit as he wanted to continue his pranking ways. I caught the pitcher of water with a quiet mage hand before it did any damage. Nasus was not exactly pleased, but he settled down nonetheless.

So our new mission is to escort this princess to her destination. I am not much for maps, and unfortunately my studies did not include Geography or Nature to my repertoire. Mostly I just follow the others, as they seem to know where they are going. Once we get on the ship, we notice Edward can’t keep his eyes off of the princess. I’m not sure why, but Driel seems to be really angry about it… I wonder what’s going on there. Max and Jazzy are busy talking strategy, and Sethi is off by himself praying. As the end of the day approaches, Sethi and I are put on first watch. I am not sure why we are all the way up in the lookout. Nasus can’t see that far in total darkness. No sooner had I thought about walking the deck, something extremely large hits us from behind.

Nasus is pretty much asleep at this point, but he wakes up when he hears the boat crunch under us. Looking back there is a turtle of some sort that is outrageously large and taking bites out of a horse in its mouth. We all prepare for battle and I transform into one of my new Monstrous Humanoid forms. I feel much stronger in this form and decided to try out the new Harrow trick as well. It worked, as I pulled an ability from one of my other forms as well. Although I did not get any additional strength, it felt like I was charging as a Tikbalang, but I was flying as a Four-Armed Gargoyle. It was amazing.

I didn’t have much time to test it out though. Most of the crew was patching up the ship and instead pulling Swim from an aquatic I took the speed and precision of a Tikbalang. A rather poor choice on my part, but still I was not about to be the only one battling a Dragon Turtle. We were able to save only one horse.

We made it close enough to shore before the captain ended up grinding the boat on some sort of reef. Stranded, short on time, and without the magical means to completely fix the boat AND get it back to the water before the tide goes out, we decide it would be best to continue on foot. We make it to the beach without any trouble, and discover that the forest ahead of us is known to be cursed. It is said that any who enter, never leave. After nearly no consideration whatsoever, we push forward. It’s not like we have many other options though. Still, it seems Nasus is rather nervous so his pranks seem to be taking a back seat for now. Not such a bad thing in my opinion.

The woods seem to be moving around us, and I mean that quite literally. I assumed they were Treants, but I could not be sure until they ended up speaking to us. Apparently we must go through some sort of test before we can leave. A rather evil sort of thing for trees to do, but I sense they have some other agenda which we are not privy to. Still, I don’t think we have much of a choice. We are surrounded by hundreds of them. We accept and decide to take these tests.

Once we agree, we are shown three paths. One had 2 dinosaurs that look rather hungry, another is a very large spider that looks rather poisonous, and the final path leads to a pack of around ten bears which I don’t believe need any additional description. At least we get to choose our fight, so we choose the Dinosaurs. They are gigantic, but taking them on means we don’t have to deal with overwhelming odds or excessive poison. Still, for the fleeting moment that it took for one of them to swallow Max, I was concerned with our choice. We decided to take one out at a time though, and Max was quickly out of the other ones mouth and charging the second target. It didn’t take much more after that to win the fight.

I wish I could say that was the only test, but it was not. They ended up tossing us in a maze next. We decided to use the old but effective trick to always go right. Eventually we would end up getting out of the maze. It took longer than expected, but eventually we found the exit. Not much more to the maze. No special equipment or anything, just some gravel and some bones of a dead deer.

After getting to the exit of the maze, we came to a long hallway with a lot of animals peering down a hallway at us. Jazzy thought something wasn’t right and decided to pull her new ring out and check for traps. Sure enough, there was a trip-wire that I don’t think many of us would have seen had we not been looking for it. We were able to easily step over it and when we did, the animals turned around and went about their business as the Treants approached us again. We had passed the second test. Now on to the final test.

The final test was not what I expected. Unfortunately I did not get to hear the Treants story as I was busy trying to stop Nasus from hitting Edward with a Euphoric Cloud. He seemed to be preoccupied glancing at the princess every chance he had. What I could get from the story is that there was an evil Druid the Treants needed us to get rid of. Unfortunately the Druid died a long time ago, so getting rid of it would be that much harder. We had no way of getting any items to combat undead or ghosts. So unfortunately we had to go in somewhat unprepared. It’s a good thing there was only one of them. It could have gone much worse.

It started out as a recon mission to find the Druid. The Treants lead us to where it was but feared for their lives as the undead had a nasty ability to kill any plant-life in the area. An old house nearly falling apart was in a clearing, so Edward used his summoning ability to generate some monkeys and make a large racket, hoping to lure it out. When that did not work, we decided to go in and accept that there would be a fight on our hands. Sure enough, we pop in, and swarms of insects start crawling and biting all of us. Then, right after that, the Druidic Ghost appears.

Once engaged, this Ghost Druid of sorts had a touch ability that seemed to sap the agility, strength, and intelligence of the targets. I decided it was best if I stepped back from that enemy and dealt with the swarms that seemed to creep up at us instead of putting myself in that things line of sight. Not only that, but everyone seemed to want to ambush it and slay it as soon as possible. While that was going on, I decided not to use my Polymorphing abilities and instead allow the others to get in close while me and Sethi took care of the swarms. I was able to fireball a few of them, but unfortunately they were much stronger than I had originally thought. Once everyone was out of the way though, I decided to continue dealing fireballs until they were dead or at least severely wounded. At this point, it came out to sheer numbers and we were able to take the Druid down. I think this deserves a decent nights rest. Even Nasus is exhausted.


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