Jazzy Session 31

We thought we heard more of the ants, and we did. We just didn’t know they took steroids before they came in. Ivan dropped a couple spells that made a wall of force and a giant tar pit. It worked pretty well, because if they got of the tar, they were easy piercing for Max and I along with some back up from Lang. Get this, suddenly, Driel showed up. She teleported in with her wolf, Snuggle. We didn’t ask too many questions, but I am wondering what happened to the Baher… oh, and her baby that is no longer in her belly. I wonder if she knows what happened to Edward, the father of her baby. Her taste in men is gross.

We continued along the cave system in search of our spider. We found it, bedded above the queen ant nest as well. Our thinking was to get the spider without disturbing the queen, but the flying guard ants are making that increasingly difficult. So much so that we decided to teleport out after a bit because our spell casters were looking pretty faint. We came back and started figuring out how to reach the itsy bitsy spider up in the corner cave.
Turns out that dang spider wasn’t so itsy bitsy, and I stepped up a bit too quick. I got my butt handed to me and had to sit back to watch as Driel stepped up and helped Max to do the major hitting. It wasn’t my shining moment to be honest and I’d rather forget the whole thing. We did end up finally killing the thing and got it’s fangs. Now it’s back to haggle with the oracle to see what the heck she wants to do with them.


jkiddy heidihoheidi

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