Jazzy Session 18

How do you really know if someone is using their powers for good and not evil. I think about how easily Sethi can sweet talk people into doing these extreme and huge devastating things, and we just walk away and take a nap in a cave. I’m not really one for politics, and of course I am loyal to our way of life and people, but I can’t say that others don’t feel the same about their lands and life. The lava just poured down the mountain side enveloping the entire army as if a wave simply sweeping away seaweed on a beach. We were not close enough to hear the screams but you could see them run and look back only to realize their efforts were futile. I can only expect that the moment the succumb to the lava was not a peaceful or silent one, and those Orcs had families…. if they didn’t eat them already.
For our part, we did make it though a few skirmishes in order to get back to our capital city. One cave troll was particularly stubborn, and all the magic wielders in our group started whining about being drained of some mana or something. I just feel like, we have wands that can do that stuff, how hard can it be? I can’t really talk, because I do like the effect, but it’s painful to see grown men whine and turn that ugly color of pale green with yellow sweat beads typical of the magical drain. These men need some endurance, maybe some meds to help them stay up.
Anyway, we are back home now. Sethi and his smooth tongue are getting promoted again and it looks like we are getting ready for a new assignment. Max has been looking to talk to his wife, and honestly, I think he’s making her up. Why would he join this force if he had such strong attachments. He might be mental, or married to a mushroom, because to take this job and actually have a family waiting for you make no good sense.


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