Jazzy-Session 14

The bard partied to hard after our victory with the spider. We ended up wrapping him in venom webbing and dragging him behind the horses. It’s not as bad as it sounds, the camp was only a short drag away and he’s resilient. The rebel camp was kind enough to give him his own tent to sleep it off. We are on the ship home now, but I am wondering if anyone remembered to pack him up for the trip home, or if we left him there. I have to admit, fighting without his songs as our personal soundtrack did come with some disadvantages making me feel so much less effective.
So yes, as it turned out my hunch was correct and the rebels were indeed being charmed by leaders from Skrull. After a vicious attack while looking at maps, the wicked wizard leader tried to assassinate us. As it turns out, the biggest downfall of evil overlords seems to be their egos, as he thought he could take us all out quietly on his own. I would have thought to have the entire encampment attack us at one would have at least gotten us to flee in defeat but perhaps that’s why I will never be an evil overlord.
This venture has been tiring however, and taken a toll on all of us. I will be happy to return to our homelands and be in service to my king. Lang however has asked for a discharge from not only our ranks but service entirely. His heart has always been to his family, so for this I cannot blame him, but I will miss his handy bow work, as he does make short work of dispensing with evil overlords. He is quiet, but he will be missed and I wish him well.


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