Kaliz is the home kingdom to our band of protagonists. It is located in the southwest corner of Galbath. it is bordered to the north by the barbarous Skrul with the nearly insurmountable mountain range of the Palleens, which is fortunate because there are no love lost with the Skrul. To the east, Kaliz is bordered by Magrith. The border with Magrith has been in dispute for decades and border clashes are frequent. Kaliz is directly north of the island nation of Nacatost and has the best trade relations with the country.

Kaliz claims a large number of volcanic islands to the east named the Kalisles. Kaliz is split almost exactly in half by the Zabough River which runs north to south, originating in the Palleens.

Kaliz is ruled by the benevolent king Elmenor. Elmenor’s queen died of natural causes many years ago but not before she bore him three children. Princess Erenia is the eldest. Prince Aerethor is the eldest son and in line for the throne. Duke Silaught is the youngest son.

Kaliz is divided into six main provinces; Mesoth, Derticul, Yanrey, Nergon, Sistanil, and Egnora. Each province, except Yanrey, is governed by a relative of King Elmenor typically a cousin or nephew. The capital of Mesoth City lies within Mesoth and is also the kingdom’s largest port. A second large trade port is Lethos located in the province of Sistanil.

Yanrey is a semi-autonomous dwarven region. Yanrey swears its allegiance to Kaliz and provides shared military, diplomatic relations, and trade agreements. However, Yanrey retains its own treasury and simply pays Kaliz for shared services.


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